Listen to the 2017 Show Preview


Opener - Maleficent

Ballad - Dum Spiro Spero

Closer - In Flight


Upcoming Events:


Evening Rehearsal:

August 16th 7-9pm


Back To School Maroon and Grey Night Performance:

August 18th 5-6:15pm


5:40 PM Band begins playing

5:45 PM Band performs their competition piece

5:55 PM Announce Band Seniors

6:00 PM National anthem

6:05 PM IVC Fight song and loyalty


Home Football Game:

September 1st Call 5:45pm


Toluca Parade:

September 4th

Itinerary - Directions - Parade Route



Summer and Fall 2017 Schedule 

Directors Comments:

June 6th, 2017


We would like to again welcome all the incoming freshman class as well as all you seasoned band parents and members. We are delighted to have you and your families become a part of our band family here at IVC. You are more than welcome to join in on all that we have to offer with our band program. To be successful, we need every helping hand so these students come away with the best experiences in their high school careers. Our summer rehearsal schedule is in full swing and the students are eager to learn the show. It is requested that students make every effort to come to our rehearsals. They are vital to our success. We look forward to meeting you at these future events and thank you for your continued support. Let’s make some great memories!


PRE – CAMP – July 24 – 26 (Three days of rehearsals)

Rehearsals begin at 9 am and run until Noon. We then turn around at 5 pm and rehearse until 9 pm. We need members, especially juniors/seniors to make sure their managers know about the schedule. Students are to bring their water jugs, use sunscreen and wear good shoes.


PRECAMP THURSDAY MORNING - July 27th (Instead of a morning rehearsal)

We are asking the band members to shop together for band camp supplies at Walmart on Allen Road meeting at 10AM. We will shop for about 30 - 45 minutes and then each section will head off to eat at one of the restaurants in the close vicinity determined by the section. Members can be picked up from those restaurants around 12:30 pm. Parents are free to come shop too.


PRECAMP THURSDAY EVENING - July 27th (Instead of evening rehearsal)


An informational “ICE CREAM SOCIAL” meeting for all parents will be held in the auditorium at 6:00 pm the day before we leave for band camp. We will cover as much for you as possible within the time. We would love to meet you all as you really get a chance to see what your child does and hear why we do what we do. After a long day at work, come on by and have a blast with your kids and make some great memories too! Bring your camera! We hope you can make it for the meeting. All band members will be attending since we are taking section pictures. We will go over all the aspects of the 2017 marching band season. It is extremely informative and will answer tons of your unanswered questions.


2017 Parent/Family Preview Schedule - July 27th

5:00 pm Members will change into uniform (Parade shirt/shorts under uniform)

6:00 pm Section pictures taken

6:45 pm Picture of entire band taken (Parents are free to take pictures)

7:00 pm Members will change out of uniform

7:15 pm Welcome meeting for parents and students

8:00 pm Ice cream social

8:30 pm We will need help loading all music instruments, props, supplies etc


BAND CAMP- July 28th – August 2nd

All information is posted on the website within the handbook regarding maps, what to bring/what not to bring etc. Please bring your luggage to the school at 10:30 am. We depart at NOON. Students can get breakfast/lunch off campus once they have loaded their luggage and be back at the high school well before Noon. They must be driven to town. For those worried about leaving home, bring your favorite stuffed animal and all your worries will slowly melt away.



Simply put, we need your help! This is our largest fundraiser. Within this one day, we can raise the necessary funds so we do not have to continue to hound you to sell products consistently throughout the year. This fundraiser is held on Saturday, August 5th, so we can get it out of the way and not interfere with sporting events and the craziness of the school year. Any help is valued! Please contact Deb Reginald at 309.202.3569 for details.


The band members will be asked to work in shifts from 2 pm to 8 pm. They are performing their show music and other selections. We will not be in uniform. We will wear our parade shirts and shorts.


Marching Band performance schedule:

5:30 pm Warm up outside the band room doors

5:55 pm March to the front of the school

6:00 pm Perform a standstill performance of various selections

6:30 pm Put things away

6:30 pm Listen to the CIJO Jazz Ensemble - They are INCREDIBLE



Band camp registration forms, school physical information, our own health forms and fees must be turned in IMMEDIATELY!!!!! If you need any of these forms please look for them on the band website (



We sure could use your help getting things ready for our season. We could use your talents in any capacity and for any length of time. All you just have to say "I can help” or “Where do you need me to step in?" Flags need to be fixed, uniforms checked, equipment moved, props to be placed on the field, front ensemble equipment staged, water sprayers to be manned, not to mention improvements to our room. You are also more than welcome to come out to Taylor Field and spread some encouragement as you watch us practice on Wednesday evenings!



What a way to sit back, relax with a big bag of popcorn and your favorite soda and learn and grow from the best. You just have to get to the Peoria Willow Knolls theater. This would be awesome to see so many of you from IVC at the movies watching the 2017 DCI quarterfinals from Indianapolis. The show will be shown on Thursday, August 10, 2017 starting at 5:30 pm. Everyone, including guard, front ensemble and drum line won’t want to miss this opportunity! Other band programs usually have their band show up like Limestone, Washington, Metamora and Morton. 2017 seniors, I challenge you to contact your sections and invite them to this great experience. We will have reminders during pre-camp.



For those of you that have paid for your tickets and plan to ride the bus over to Indi with Mr. H and Mr. C, an itinerary has been made for your confidence and is located in the band room. We will be heading over on Friday, August 11th and will stay and watch 22 corps. We will return early morning of the 12th. Tickets are $32 and if you haven’t paid Mrs. Lew, please do so immediately. We still have a ten tickets left.



We have been asked to perform for all the teachers at the opening celebration. That requires our students (Winds/Brass/Drum line battery only) to be at the school by 7:30am. We will perform our drum cadence and Ghostriders and the fight song. Section leaders should figure out a breakfast plan for your sections. We will be done by 8:30 am. Please figure out work schedules and driving situations.


BACK TO SCHOOL Maroon and Grey Night PERFORMANCE - August 18th

Maroon and Grey Night will be held on Friday, August 18th 2017 at Taylor Field. Please meet in the band room by 5:00 pm. All of the band’s activities will be completed by 6:15pm. Those in fall sports can participate and then head to their respective teams/activities. You can wear your team uniform or parade shirt. EVERYONE is performing. We will perform our show music, Star Spangled Banner, Ghostriders and Fight Songs starting around 5:30 pm


5:40 PM Band begins playing

5:45 PM Band performs their competition piece

5:55 PM Announce Band Seniors

6:00 PM National anthem

6:05 PM IVC Fight song and loyalty



Our success relies heavily on your attitude and time commitment to memorize this music. Please begin to memorize small chunks of the music at a time. Carve out about half an hour a day and you will have the entire show memorized before camp, which will mean we can begin to march and play it with more confidence.



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