Listen to the 2017 Show Preview


Opener - Maleficent

Ballad - Dum Spiro Spero

Closer - In Flight


Upcoming Events:


Parents: We will need help moving equipment so we can have little stress and much success. The students would appreciate your help and you will be able to see your kids perform from the front of the field.

Please seriously consider experiencing this activity with your kids. Here are the needs for us to be successful.

Football Games and Field Competitions -

Moving Ladders onto the field

Moving Pit Instruments

Moving Drum Major Stands

Moving Electronic Equipment


U of I Competition:

October 21st

Itinerary - Directions - Performance Schedule - Parking Map


Ghost Chase:

October 28th - Registration Form - Volunteer Sign Up


ILMEA Jazz Concert at Mendota High School:

November 4th


CEC Veteran's Breakfast Performance:

November 10th


ILMEA Concert Band at Augustana College:

November 11th


Chillicothe Christmas Parade:

November 18th

Call Time 1:30pm


Band Banquet:

November 18th 6:00pm


Pep Band:

December 2nd

Call Time 5:00pm


Christmas Holiday Concert:

December 17th

Call Time 1:00pm

Concert 3:00pm



Summer and Fall 2017 Schedule 

Directors Comments:

August 21st, 2017


This performance was just added. We plan to perform on Thursday, August 31st in the intersection of Pine St and 2nd St. Please look for itineraries on the website and in the band room. We will be wearing our parade shirts and shorts and will need tons of help moving our equipment to and from downtown Chillicothe. We perform from 5:30 pm to 6:15 pm.



Our first home football game performance is on Friday, September 1st. We will be performing our pregame music and half time competitive show selections. Below are some details for you to prepare for this performance.


•Students must arrive at 5:00 pm wearing their parade shirt and shorts. We will have a potluck/tailgate meal outside the band room doors for all to enjoy. Each section will be assigned a product or food item to bring to the potluck. (First game only)

•At 5:45 pm, students will put their uniform on over their parade shirt and shorts. BLACK SOCKS!

•At 6:10 pm, we will head outside of the band room to warm up. At 6:30 pm, we will depart for the field and perform our pre game selections. We will need podiums set on each 40 yd line and 50 yd line.

•At half time, we will need parents to help move the front ensemble equipment and podiums onto the front of the field.

•Once we have finished our music, we will again need help to move the front ensemble equipment and podiums.

•We will need parents to help with the uniform carts making sure uniforms are hung correctly. Please talk to Chris Featherstone for information.

Hope to see you at our next football game. Check the website calendar for times.

Football games are a great way for us to practice our competitive show. We perform at pregame in full uniform, unless there is the threat for inclement weather. We really could use help making sure the uniforms are taken care of before and after halftime. We could also use a ton of help to move equipment to and from the band room/tower to the field.

Students are expected to be ready to go at the designated times given out prior to the game. Students are not allowed to drink anything while in uniform with the exception of water. Students are free to leave once their uniform and instrument is packed for the following day’s field show performance.



Labor Day parades are a great warm up for our students. Or should I say “hot/humid”? Students will need to again be in their parade shirts and CORRECT shorts. If we decide to march in just the parade and shorts due to extreme heat, we need to look uniform! Parents, please make sure your member is wearing the correct uniform before they leave the house. The itinerary for the Toluca parade is on the website. Hard copies will be available in the band room for your student to take for their and your perusal. WE ARE NOT HEADING TO KEWANEE THIS YEAR.



Competitions are exciting and a lot of fun! Don’t miss out on your child’s performances!!! In fact, IVC band parents have the reputation for being there to support their band. Many alumni parents and students also come back to support the band. Please sit with other parents and wear your maroon and grey marching band attire. The competition dates are set. Check out the web site ( for dates, maps and itineraries (once I receive our performance time) regarding each competition. It is mandatory for the students to ride the bus to all competitions. If they are in a sporting activity related to the school, they are asked to meet us at the location as soon as they can. Arrangements need to be made and cleared with Mr. Chapman. It is vital that all students in that situation make the best effort to make the performance since the entire band is counting on their participation. If a performance is unexcused, an extra assignment will be given. If the student wants to ride home with parents, it is very important to sign out on their bus before they leave. We must know before we leave a contest site of their where abouts so we do not wait unnecessarily to get word of their location. Itineraries for all these competitions will be posted on the website and hard copies will be located in the band room about ten days prior to the event (unless the organization running the event is late in getting the information out).



Expectations: That everyone is at every rehearsal. We count on you to be there and learn what is presented to you. We understand you have homework and other activities, but it is imperative you manage your time carefully. Seniors and section leaders, you must lead the way on this as others are watching your decisions. We need you at every rehearsal to lead by example! These rehearsals are extremely important because we introduce many new elements to the show and if a member misses, we get very behind trying to catch them up when we do not have time to do it. We will not have Wednesday night rehearsal during Homecoming week.


Monday Evening Rehearsals:

7:00 PM – 8:30 PM on every Monday except on holidays.


Wednesday Night Rehearsals:

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM Full Ensemble Rehearsals



Once again we will have the opportunity to spruce up your garden. This fundraiser is a great way to put monies into your student’s ledgers for upcoming trips or future expenses. Forms will be distributed soon. For more information, please contact Leigh Bowen at



Here is a very easy way for those of you who shop Amazon to earn money for our band. Please consider when making purchases from Amazon that you go to Then select I V C Band Boosters as your charitable organization. 0.5% of your purchase price will be given back to the band booster organization. You must put the spaces in I V C for it to find our organization or just search by Chillicothe, IL and select us from the list of charities.



Throughout this past school year, over $12,000 was given to 37 parents for 26 events. This is a huge way to make monies that do not have to come out of your pocket. We were one of the most reliable organizations they had with just 37 parents. IVC band parents have the opportunity to earn money for their band student’s ledger by working at a concession stand during events in downtown Peoria. This is a moneymaker that can accumulate funds for you very quickly. Some parents have worked just two events and have had band camp paid in full.

If you are new, you can be trained quickly. Please contact Kelly Welch @309.360.6517 or Marcy Biggar @309.472.4821 if you would like to raise funds for your band member.



Please consider enrolling in the Kroger Card program. With every purchase you make at Kroger, the band can receive 2% back on those purchases. It can add up quickly and help us purchase much needed equipment.



We would like to again welcome all the incoming freshman class as well as all you seasoned band parents and members. We are delighted to have you and your families become a part of our band family here at IVC. You are more than welcome to join in on all that we have to offer with our band program. We all make this program the best it can be and we would certainly enjoy and welcome all of you to join in and help this amazing program. To be successful, we need every helping hand so these students come away with the best experiences in their high school careers. We are excited for the upcoming year and hope you are too.


During this year’s band camp, many of you rose to the occasion and made sure our kids were safe, were as comfortable as possible and had fun. Our kids learned and marched 35 sets (pictures) with memorized music and have started understanding of what our show means. I can’t stress to you all how grateful we are to have you as band family. The pride in your performances shined through loud and clear and our students are continuing to work their tails off!


Thanks to Deb Reginald and everyone involved for making our Music Fest a success. I feel we did an outstanding job. The food was so delicious, lots of vendors, the music performances were awesome and I really feel it was a great time for all. Thanks again to Rescue 33 for the donation of their tents. Thanks to Kelly Welch for being so helpful in the kitchen and all the color guard and drum line parents for helping those two groups.


Thanks to Chris and the band moms who took care of the uniforms. All the moms that cared so much to do their best for the program was incredible. Also, thanks to Eric and Vicki for taking on dubious task of all the finances. It has eaten into their family time and we really appreciate their sacrifice. Finally, thanks to the board for continuing to make all the decisions that make this program tick. We have great parents who go well beyond the call to make ensure that our kids have the right tools to succeed. Thanks to Rhonda for continuing to keep the website up to date. We have great people that continue to work endlessly for the kids. Thanks for your dedication, passion and energy. Please stay healthy and eat foods/drink beverages that maintain your energy levels. Furthermore, be prepared to wear warm clothing since Illinois weather can go from summer temps to winter in one day.


Please look at the schedule on our web site, This season is crammed with great experiences for all of us. We look forward to seeing you at these future events and thank you for your continued support. Let’s make some great memories!


Lastly, I'd also like to thank all the staff and supportive parents for their expertise and wisdom on making this show a special one for our students. I have a great home staff who really care about the success of these kids.


Thanks everyone for a great off season. Now it is time to become ONE spirit, ONE band, Pride in Performance. Go-Go Ghosts!



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